If you have ever traveled through African lands or know someone who has, it’s common to have heard or said the classic phrase “I miss the smell of Africa’s wet soil.”

The truth is that Africa really has a very distinctive smell! A smell so unique that it can stay in our memory forever. But more than the smell, there is something about Africa that becomes truly memorable. No! It’s not just the landscapes or the beaches. We’re talking about the sounds of the African savannah! The sounds of nature in its purest state and of the animals. Those sounds are impossible to forget! And what’s the best way to feel and hear them? By experiencing a safari!


Going on a safari in Kenya is one of the best ways to live Africa and nature intensively and immersively. To help you, here are some suggestions for having a truly unforgettable experience when going on a safari in Kenya.

Arriving in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, we are faced with a city full of movement and noise. Something that could not be otherwise, given that Nairobi has a population of over 4 million people.

The traffic is crazy, we know! However, arriving at the hotel after a long flight, it is time to relax, have dinner and prepare everything for the next day, the day when your safari will start! So, our advice is to have a good dinner and sleep as early as possible, because the departure will be very early in the morning. In fact, every day of the safari will be long (but good) and will start very early.

Choosing the Safari

After a good night’s rest, it’s time to choose the type of safari you want to do. There are several options available, from walking safaris to hot air balloon safaris. The choice will depend on your personal preference and what you want to see and experience.

Jeep Safari

The jeep safari is the most popular option and allows you to explore the


The main locations for a safari in Kenya are Aberdare National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Masai Mara. There are several programs available for all tastes and budgets!

You can choose to go on an express safari visiting only Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara, or go on a more comprehensive safari that includes Aberdare, Mount Kenya, Lake Nakuru, and Masai Mara. Naturally, each location has its own charm and offers a different experience, but all are guaranteed to be unforgettable. Safaris typically last from 4 to 7 nights, but if you’re a true adventurer, you can find longer options.

Departing for the Safari

“Get up full of energy, have a good breakfast, and set off on an adventure at dawn! Leave behind the city and chaotic traffic. It’s time to start experiencing the true meaning of traveling through pure Africa. The journey may be long and have several stops along the way, but it’s very special.


Observe everything carefully! The roads lined with women carrying babies on their backs and baggage on their heads. The uniformed children on their way to school who always wave with a smile on their lips. The men pedaling their bikes to work. Since the roads are sometimes asphalt and sometimes dirt, we suggest you bring a handkerchief and use it to cover your nose and mouth. The dust that is raised by the rougher roads can become aggressive.

Aberdare National Park

One of the main points of a safari in Kenya is Aberdare National Park. Its main characteristic is the mountainous landscape and its lush forests. At night, the guides keep watch over the lakes! If any animal tries to refresh itself, it will be alerted by a bell in the room. Hearing elephants drinking and bathing in the darkness is almost guaranteed. With some luck, you will also see a feline approach.


Lake Nakuru National Park

At Lake Nakuru, the edge is pink, and we can’t even distinguish the water, sand, and correct hue. As you approach, you will see hundreds of flamingos! Since these animals live in large groups, you will witness a great commotion among them. Lots of noise – and very loud – always fluttering together, forming a V in the air, and their lake baths. Well, a normal day in the life of these hundreds of flamingos. Rhinos also often appear offshore to say hello.

Masai Mara

Upon arriving in Masai Mara, you will see an infinite view of a savanna worthy of a movie. You will even feel like you’re in the set of Out of Africa, with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford! Here, seeing animals in their natural habitat is a unique experience. Days are spent visiting animals and Masai villages, and in the evening, everything takes on an even more special magic! The sounds transform into another melody. The herds head to natural watering holes to cool off, and the felines prepare for the hunt.


Live a completely immersive experience Kenya safari: suggestions for an unforgettable experience On a safari, the nights are dark, but the sparkle of the stars gives the perfect touch to the sky that makes it clear! So, after dinner, sit by a campfire and enjoy the atmosphere with local tea or coffee. Close your eyes and just listen carefully! In the distance, a lion’s roar, the laugh of a hyena, or even baboons! Take the opportunity to learn the stories of those who are on safari with you and all the curiosities about the local community. Want an extra tip? Create a travel journal! Daily, write down everything you saw, heard, and especially felt, and make this trip a true immersion in African nature and culture.

Going on a safari in Kenya is undoubtedly a unique experience that deserves to be remembered in detail. However, we know that planning a trip to Africa without guidance is not easy. So, before you experience the adventure of going on a safari in Kenya, ask for help from our experts. Many of them are true experts in the safari theme and will do everything to provide you with an absolutely unforgettable trip!”